Why is my health history necessary for a massage?

There are two very important reasons: the therapist needs the information to avoid harming the client, and the client can receive more benefits from treatment.

Here are some examples! If you have…

tendonitis at your ankle and your massage therapist begins applying pressure, it’s going to hurt. It will hurt when the pressure is applied, and if the pressure causes additional inflammation of the tendon, it will continue to hurt until the inflammation resides.

headaches or migraines, even just occasionally, your therapist will work your anterior and posterior neck as well as the occipital muscles to see if your muscles or posture are possibly to blame.

a blood clot in your leg, your massage therapist needs to know so that he or she can avoid the area. By massaging the area, the clot can loosen and move, and possibly lead to a stroke.

allergies, we need to know what to avoid to prevent any flair ups, or worst case scenario, the need of an epi-pen.

a current pregnancy in the first trimester, your massage therapist will most likely not give you a massage. When you receive a massage, toxins release from your tissues, which makes your immune system work even harder. It’s generally much healthier for women to wait until their second or third trimester.

a rash, or any form of unnatural opening of the skin, your massage therapist is not going to massage the area. It can cause spreading, pain, infection, etc. If your massage therapist knows about it before the session, he or she can plan to work on other areas during the time he or she would have spent wherever the skin opening is.

digestive issues, your therapist may ask if you would like reflexology on your feet.

stress, anxiety, depression, your massage therapist will avoid certain massage therapy techniques and specific essential oils that stimulate the sympathetic nervous system.

cancer or tumors, even in the past, certain techniques need to be used or specific areas may need to be avoided to give you the healthiest massage.

current uncontrolled high blood pressure or uncontrolled diabetes, your massage therapist will not work on you. Massage moves the blood, moves lymph, and stimulates the metabolism; this can cause people to lose consciousness after the massage if their blood pressure or sugar spikes.

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