No Contracts Necessary

If you are looking for massage contract prices without the contract, you have found the place! Decide how often you need massage therapy, make time for your planned massages, and receive the discounts.

1xWeek Massage Plan

Receive 40% off of regular prices.

60 minutes - $90

90 minutes - $120

120 minutes - $150

Regular Pricing

60 minutes - $150

90 minutes - $200

120 minutes - $250

Massage Plan Changes

If you are already on a plan, you can change to another listed plan at any time. Failure to meet a listed massage plan without a valid reason and notification, will bump you to a lessened discounted plan or full price.

2xMonth Massage Plan

Receive 35% off regular prices.

60 minutes - $97

90 minutes - $130

120 minutes - $162

Referral Rewards

Refer your friends and family! After each person you refer receives their first massage, you get 30 minutes free! Make sure to use your minutes within 6 months of your referral’s 1st appointment!



First Scheduled Massage

Schedule your 60 minutes massage, keep the original appointment, and receive your first massage with Initiate Balance for $75. This is a 50% discount from the regular priced 60 minutes massage!

1xMonth Massage Plan

Receive 30% off regular prices.

60 minutes - $105

90 minutes - $140

120 minutes - $175

Pricing Schedule

Prices are subject to change January 1st 2019.


What to expect during your massage

Please plan to have your therapist at your home for slightly longer than your scheduled massage. It takes about 10 minutes for therapist to set up the table, but you can fill out paperwork while she is setting up. You will at least need to complete the personal information and professional massage experience, health history, and medication list sections, and sign the agreements.

If you are experiencing pain, you may also need to provide the information required for the surgery list and injury list, but you can give that information to your therapist during the interview. If any changes occur in the future, you will need to tell your massage therapist before she gives you your next massage; she will update the information, and you can sign and date the form.

Your first pre-massage interview is generally the longest and may take approximately 30 minutes. The information provided will be reviewed, and additional questions about the information may be asked. Your therapist will also examine your standing posture to help determine which muscles need to be shortened or lengthened. If you are experiencing discomfort or pain, the therapist may ask you to perform slow and simple movements to see if specific muscles are the cause.

Your massage therapist may re-examine your posture after the massage. Additionally, you will be given some self-care information, such as specific stretches, avoiding repetitive motions or working on posture that may be causing your discomfort.