If you are looking for total mental and physical relaxation, Swedish massage may be the answer. The massage will consist of soothing strokes, kneading, and passive and active joint movements.

Deep Tissue

This massage focuses on deep muscles. Firm pressure is used with the use of the hands, forearms, and elbows to target the release of deep and tight muscles. The pressure used should be a "it hurts so good".


The treatment of trigger points, which are hyper sensitive areas within muscles. Neuromuscular therapy is performed by using pressure in the isolated spot for seconds, and can be used during any type of massage.


Pricing varies depending on if it is your first scheduled massage, if you are on a plan, or if the massage is rated at regular price. Prices do not vary depending on what type of massage you prefer. Check out the pricing page to learn more!

Referral Rewards

Refer your friends and family! After each person you refer receives their first massage, you get 30 minutes free! Make sure to use your minutes within 6 months of your referral’s 1st appointment!