Our Purpose

It's simple! Affordable and professional massage therapy in your Roaring Fork Valley home! Everyone should be able to afford personal care that benefits their physical and mental well being. Massage can help you sleep better, decrease stress, enhance exercise performance, and reduce muscle tension and pain. If you would like a copy of the SOAP note that I complete after each massage, just let me know; SOAP notes can be very helpful to other health care personnel such as physical therapists and chiropractors.

Want to know more about the details of your first massage? Please click here to find out what to expect!


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The Massage Therapist

Clients should always review a potential massage therapist's credentials to make sure they are getting a professional massage - by a state licensed massage therapist!

Additionally, your health should be your massage therapist's main concern! You should complete your personal information and your health information once a year, and your therapist should always make sure their have not been any changes before each massage. Check out the "Why is my health history necessary for a massage?" and the "Why is it necessary to provide information about my medications?" blog posts to discover how important this information is for your health.